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On 11/4/06, johan at knudde.be <johan at knudde.be> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I recently moved and my MythTV system with 3 analog tuner cards became
> kind of obsolete because I have no cable subscription anymore.
> Analog TV is being fased out in my area, so I want to get started with
> DVB-S as this gives me the most freedom.
> Being a complete newbie regarding satellite TV, I did some reading on
> this subject. I think I have it mostly figured out, but I wanted to
> get some things confirmed and some questions answered.
> To view all channels I need, I will need a subscription and a CAM.
> No problem so far.
> But, what cards would you advise me to buy?
> I browsed through this list searched Google and it seems the
> TechnoTrend budget S-1500 card and CI are quite well suported and
> capable of decrypting encrypted channels.

I am using S-1500 with a CAM, I had problems with it until I made a
simple change that somebody suggested (check list archives for
details), in libs/libmythtv/dvbcam.cpp change usleep(250) to
usleep(90000), having applied that change the card works very well.

Occasionally (often when the backend has been left idle for some time)
I have problems with blocky/corrupt video (i  think it might be
failing to decrypt it properly), but that is easily cured with a
backend restart (which I have added a menu item for), its a minor
issue and I am still very happy with the S1500 and mythtv 0.20 svn.

> Is this a card you would advise or are there better ones?
> For analog TV, almost everybody says "Buy a Haupauge PVR 350 or 500
> card". Is there such a "must buy" card for DVB-S?
> Once/if I have it running, I want to do multiple tuner cards.
> I understand the differences between analog cable and satellite, and
> the limitation of the last regarding multiple endpoints.
> The question is:
> How well are multiple DVB-S cards supported?

I dont use multiple dvb-s cards but I do have a dvb-t as well, it has
(some) different channels so I have it setup as a different video
source to the dvb-s, a friend of mine has two S1500's both with CAM's
and setup on the same video  source, that works perfectly well for

> Does my second/third tuner card need to be one with a CI, or can the
> CAM of the first card be reused?, or
> Do I always need cards with a CI and a CAM (or card share hardware)?, or
> Is there some way to connect multiple tuner cards (with CI headers)
> with the same CI module?

You need a CAM for each card, you cannot share one cam between multiple cards.

There are card sharing hardware solutions, and also software cams and
sharing software etc, discussion about those does not belong on this
list as it is usually used for illegal reception of channels.


> I hope I didn't ask too many questions at once. ;-)
> Thanks for taking the time to answer some of them.
> Best regards,
> Johan Braeken.
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Sorry - I was rather confused and cc'ed my reply above to the wrong
mailing list..


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