[linux-dvb] hdtv scanning

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Sun Nov 5 13:23:37 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger writes:
 > matthieu castet wrote:
 > > matthieu castet wrote:
 > >> Hi,
 > >>
 > >> Does somebody know why "scan" dvb-util or vdr failed to parse video 
 > >> pid of hdtv stream ?
 > >>
 > >> Why a patch like the attached one couldn't be added ?
 > >>
 > > 
 > > After some reflexion, a new category (video hd) should be created : dvb 
 > > apps using channel file need to know if it is a mpeg2 or h264 video as 
 > > they already does it for audio (mp2 vs ac3).
 > We don't need that, because there is always only *one* video track,
 > as opposed to audio, where there can be both mpeg and ac3.

Setting the encoding type is needed by some decoders. So, the
information might be needed for that purpose.

Adding a VIDEO_CAP_AVC to video.h was proposed before (but seemingly not
applied yet?). I am using that one already (value 128 as proposed by
Andreas Oberritter) as well as VIDEO_CAP_VC1 (256) and VIDEO_CAP_MPEG4 (512).


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