[linux-dvb] hdtv scanning

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Sun Nov 5 14:41:15 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> matthieu castet wrote:
>> matthieu castet wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Does somebody know why "scan" dvb-util or vdr failed to parse video 
>>> pid of hdtv stream ?
>>> Why a patch like the attached one couldn't be added ?
>> After some reflexion, a new category (video hd) should be created : 
>> dvb apps using channel file need to know if it is a mpeg2 or h264 
>> video as they already does it for audio (mp2 vs ac3).
> We don't need that, because there is always only *one* video track,
> as opposed to audio, where there can be both mpeg and ac3.
Yes but in order to know the video type we need the PMT.

But IIRC the current policy is to use the PMT only to make channel.conf 
and then to use channel.conf.

So etheir you add more information in channel.conf (video encoding),
etheir a more sane solution (which is done by mythtv AFAIK) is to put in 
channel.conf only tuning information + service_id + extra information 
(name, ...) and when you swith to a channel, you use PAT to discover 
your channel PMT pid, and you use PMT to discover media (video, audio, 
...) pids and types (mpeg2, h264, ...).

The second solution is also usefull when recording channel, because 
player will need PMT or something that describe the content of the stream.


PS : do you plan something for VDR ?

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