[linux-dvb] hdtv scanning

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Mon Nov 6 11:38:38 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Nico Sabbi wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> Well, that might be feasible for live viewing, but what
>>> about replaying a recording? There is no PAT/PMT in a
>>> recording.
>>> Klaus
>> there is if you save the TS, rather than that funny .vdr aka pes.
>> Can VDR save the TS now?
> No - and it won't.
> TS is for broadcasting, and PES is for recording.

is this just a personal opinion?

me, actually i can see a great move toward TS also for storing..

i think about the HDV storage cassette; there is a TS inside the tape.

the forecoming blu ray technology has a TS inside the optical diskette
(but i have to say there's a PS inside the HD-DVD disk; who's going to
win, i dont know..)

IMHO i believe that in the medium term there's no space for two
different storage standards: to hassle to maintain both up to date

the TS is going to succeed because:

- it's where all the development for newer services is going to be done
- you can store the broadcast straight on the disk
- the "bucks per storage byte" index is going lower and lower..


andrea venturi

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