[linux-dvb] Re: hdtv scanning

Marco Masotti MC7953 at mclink.it
Mon Nov 6 16:07:13 CET 2006

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> Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 15:25:05 +0100
> From: wolfgang at leila.ping.de (Wolfgang Wegner)
> To: linux-dvb at linuxtv.org
> Subject: Re: [linux-dvb] Re: hdtv scanning
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> *dreaming* a graphics card giving the possibility of adjusting 
> the master
> clock from the TSC and having on-board audio capability, also 
> synchronized
> from the same clock, would be perfect IMO.

Yes, got the point, sticking to such beaconing data could alleviate software hassles. In a windowish - and simplistic, as far as I'm concerned -  view, the stream of data would be input in the DVB source filter of a Directx model, where one ouput pin of the filter could be dedicated to provide the TSC data, if any. Could that be feasible in a linux implementation too, or, as you might have meant,  just the TSC data is not available out of the DVB card available so far? 

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