[linux-dvb] Question relating to media players (GXine in particular) and DVB-S channels

Mark Cianfaglione mcianfa at celestica.com
Tue Nov 7 15:45:07 CET 2006


I've got a DVB-S (satellite) card which I've properly installed in my 
Linux box which I can tune to various channels using the dvbtune utility 
and I've created a channels.conf file and placed it in the .xine 
directory. When I use gxine however it reports that there is no lock. I 
know that this does in fact lock but the scan utility uses the -l DBS 
(local oscillator frequency DBS = 12500MHz)  and there does not seem to be 
any way to set this crucial piece of info up in gxine from what I can 

I know I'm missing something as I see many people using this as a viewer 
but I 'm stumped...

Can someone please point me to the correct info?



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