Freecom DVB-T card tuning, Re: [linux-dvb] Trouble with Pinnacle 310i DVB-T

Benjamin Gillam bsg104 at
Tue Nov 7 20:48:58 CET 2006

When I last used the card (which makes my machine unstable for some 
reason, so I don't use at present... see PS), I used Kaffeine to scan, 
and it found many but not all channels. I intend to use the card with my 
working mythtv setup, I do not want to have to have 2 lots of channel 
configs (twice the channels) when the frequencies should be the same for 
all cards. [I also have a different Freecom stick, which has worked 
perfectly for a long time.]

I just want the same tuning to occur on both Freecom sticks, the old and 
the new, seems like a sensible thing to do...? At the moment I have to 
change the frequency for just the new stick.


Benjie Gillam.

PS: Instability issues. I get a lot of the "recv bulk message failed: 
-22" type messages (normally -110 seems to be harmless, -75 is a bit 
iffy, but generally OK, and -22 means stuff is really messing around... 
I have no idea what these numbers really mean, and there are more than 
just these 3 displayed... Also, my quote is from memory). Recently after 
having my computer on for more than around 24 hours, with both old and 
new freecom cards plugged in (plus a Pinnacle 300i PCI and an old WinTV 
analog PCI card) the keyboard and mouse would freeze. This would mean 
that I could not wake X back up. The kernel was not dead, as by using 
magic keys (alt+SysRq+[RSEIUB]) I was able to restart my machine 
(fairly) cleanly. I still get this problem now from time to time, though 
it is far less often now I have stopped using both Freecom cards. I 
wonder if it is related to the usb bulk-recv errors?

Please tell me if I can be of help.

Tim Chick wrote:
>> It depends. If you use an initial config file i.e. for scan, it should 
> be
>> possible to do this separately for each transponder.
>> Adding this in the driver is not a good solution: This is country 
> depending
>> and the offset is not constant.
>> A better solution would be either to handle this in the scanning 
> program
>> or in an extended offset search in the driver.
> I have not heard anything more on this issue?
> I have the Freecom stick, and I find that I need to offset the 
> transponder frequency for the initial scan.
> BUT - if I use auto scan (so I don't select a transponder) in the latest 
> Kaffine it all works fine. Is this a solution for Benjamin?
> Thanks,
> Tim
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