[linux-dvb] LiveView TV Walker - Zaapa Digital TV Stick USB

José Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 16:36:10 CET 2006

      Hi all,

       I've recently bought a DVB-T USB stick (Zaapa Digital TV Stick
USB), that seems to be, actually, a  LifeView TV Walker DVB-T just

       I've seen, in the DBV Wiki, that this device is not supported,
so I'm offering to perform test on my box if any of you are developing
the driver/firmware for this device.

       I'm not very good at programming, since there has been so much
time since my last "cc -o a.out whatever.c", but I guess I could
manage to run some tests and, at least, forward you the results of
them :)


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