[linux-dvb] Mad SkyStar2 signal report problems

test2monk at hushmail.com test2monk at hushmail.com
Wed Nov 8 19:19:30 CET 2006

I need help troubleshooting this problem.

I am getting some strange behaviour from my SkyStar2 USB under 
It has been working fine for months and months; nothing has changed 
at my end except for me mucking about with some old vortex sound 

I routinely got snr greater than 0xd600 reported from szap. Great.
But now I see snr toodling around 0x7180; and signal down to around 
0x8600; and no FE_HAS_LOCK (status 03).

Thats obvious I hear you cry; the dish is now just pointing the 
wrong way; the LBN has fallen off; the cable is iffy; or a 
tree/building has grown up in the way.  But no.

You see... rebooting linux and power cycling the SkyStar box 
_sometimes_ restores everything to normal for a little while (upto 

I have even fine tuned the snr up to 0xdb00 by adjusting the dish 
while it is restored; only for szaps reports to suddently drop down 
to the useless state after another 20mins.

What is going on here?
I tried your CVS drivers and apps. I have swapped the dish; the 
LBN; hung the skystar USB from the LBN with the shortest piece of 
cable imaginable; tried different linux boxes. Without an LBN 
connected szap reports a signal strength of zero as expected. 
It has been happening for just over a week now.

Other than driver stuff; the only thing I can think of left is that 
the (well ventilated) skystar2 hardware chose to burn-out/expire in 
some curious way. 
One of the channels I am using is:
....and the reception dies suddenly long after tuning so I don't 
expect it is the 22kHz tuner burn-out problem some suffer from.

Any ideas?

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