[linux-dvb] Kernel oops - DViCO Dual Digital

Luke Rosenthal linux-dvb at harderstuff.net
Fri Nov 10 08:56:59 CET 2006


Seem to be having a strange issue with the aforementioned board.  From a
cold boot, only one frontend is loaded.  I have just done a hg clone
http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb and compiled, make install, then rebooted,
same result.  However, if (after booting) I go into the v4l-dvb source dir
and do a make rmmod and make insmod, both frontends are loaded.

Additionally, while stopping mythtv when the system had only one frontend
present, I got this:

mythbox kernel: Oops: 0002 [#1]
mythbox kernel: CPU:    0
mythbox kernel: EIP is at dvb_frontend_release+0x42/0x67 [dvb_core]
mythbox kernel: eax: ffff7b4a   ebx: f8b1d1c4   ecx: f8a6396c   edx: f303ecc0
mythbox kernel: esi: f303ecc0   edi: 00000000   ebp: f7e2206c   esp: f183ee1c
mythbox kernel: ds: 007b   es: 007b   ss: 0068
mythbox kernel: Process mythbackend (pid: 2156, threadinfo=f183e000
mythbox kernel: Stack: 00000000 f7e221f4 00000008 f7e2206c f7e2206c
f303ecc0 c045cdf2 00000000
mythbox kernel:        f75373fc f7ff2d40 f303ecc0 00000000 f7e0b780
f7e0b788 c045a724 00003904
mythbox kernel:        f7e0b780 00000014 00000001 c041d918 00000000
00000000 f431af58 f431aaa0
mythbox kernel: Call Trace:
mythbox kernel:  <c045cdf2> __fput+0xb2/0x158  <c045a724>
mythbox kernel:  <c041d918> put_files_struct+0x63/0xa5  <c041e9df>
mythbox kernel:  <c042479f> __dequeue_signal+0x149/0x154  <c041efbc>
mythbox kernel:  <c042609e> get_signal_to_deliver+0x3a8/0x3d0  <c04023df>
mythbox kernel:  <c04186d5> default_wake_function+0x0/0xc  <c0430f86>
mythbox kernel:  <c0402d42> work_notifysig+0x13/0x19
mythbox kernel: Code: 00 8b 58 28 8b bb d8 01 00 00 74 14 c7 44 24 04 6c
74 a6 f8 c7 04 24 6c 89 a6 f8 e8 24 90 9b c7 f6 46 18 03 74 0b a1 58 e3 6b
c0 <89> 87 f0 01 00 00 8b 8b 08 01 00 00 85 c9 74 06 31 d2 89 d8 ff
mythbox kernel: EIP: [<f8a639ae>] dvb_frontend_release+0x42/0x67
[dvb_core] SS:ESP 0068:f183ee1c

I have seen this before in connection with my attempts to get both
frontends loaded, but am not sure what triggered it.

Any ideas?


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