[linux-dvb] is AverMedia Volar 100% (or high%) supported?

José Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 13:40:31 CET 2006

       Hi all,

       maybe I can get an AverMedia Volar USB Stick. I've taken a look
at the wiki, and there it appears under a section wich says "these
devices will soon be fully supported". Since I don't know how
up-to-date the wiki is, I've downloaded the source code and find/grep
"volar". It appears and seems to be "supported"

       am I right? or maybe is just some testing code? In the mailing
list there are some threads (from october, I guess) that say it is
recognised but no front end attached. Does it remain in the same

       of course... I could try with the native driver, but I'm using
FC6 with kernel 2.6.18, and it is not supported :(


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