[linux-dvb] Guildford transponder

Daniel Deptford linuxtv at danieldeptford.com
Sat Nov 11 21:26:10 CET 2006

I've been trying to get my Hauppauge Nova-T to tune for ages.  I've managed
to track it down to using a wrong frequency.  I thought uk-CrystalPalace or
uk-Midhurst would have been okay, but obviously not.  The setting for
Guildford (uk) that worked for me was:

 T 697833333 8MHz 3/4 NONE QAM16 2k 1/32 NONE

It would probably be nice if someone added that into the scan parameter tree
(as uk-Guildford ?) to save some other poor soul from tearing his hair out!


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