[linux-dvb] OOT : Linux Based DVB-T System

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Mon Nov 13 10:32:10 CET 2006

bino_oetomo wrote:
> Dear All ...


> Is there any info, clue, url , docs on a linux based :
> - DVB-T Modulator,

if you mean DVB-T modulator stand alone (with ASI input), there are
plenty outside and they are all "linux-agnostic" so i'm not going to

if you mean DVB-T modulator PCI card, the situation is a bit messy, but
there are 2 cards we are focusing on:

dektec dta 110t:


alitronika at2800PCI:


and now about the mess:
we own a sample of the dektec and we were promised that a linux driver
should have been available RSN, BUT up to now, we didn't get it; i have
been told it's a problem of thirdy party algorithms (soft modulation?)
with a linux porting on-going..

WRT alitronika, at last IBC they told us the linux driver is ready and
open (because the card is fully "active") and the driver is very light
because is just a simple TS feeder to the device.

So, we are waiting for a sample card to test if these statements are true.

BTW both are not linuxdvb API compliant anyway.

> - IP to DVB-T encapsulator

and now about the IP encapsulator, if you want and have some technical
skill, you can use our free software JustDvb-It:


sadly, i have to say that you need to work a bit on it, because the IP
encapsulation module was present in an ancient release (0.3) but
recently this feature has been removed because it was a "proof of
concept" since we are focused more on the interactive television stuff
(DSM-CC, MHP etc..)

this is all i can tell you, for now. let me know if you want to work on it.


andrea venturi

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