[linux-dvb] Avermedia 777 misbehaves after remote hack merged into v4l-dvb tree

José Suárez j.suarez.agapito at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 17:11:46 CET 2006

Hi to everybody.

I am using an Avermedia 777 DVB-T pci card. It is a very nice card, and it's 
been working perfectly for the last weeks. However I decided to make an 
upgrade to the current revision of the v4l-dvb tree which includes support 
for the remote control. After the upgrade whenever I start the TV (with 
whatever program: kaffeine, mythtv,...) it happens just as if the TV card 
kept sending keyboard events all the time and as a result, the volume mutes, 
unmutes, amarok is launched,... (that's because I have a multimedia keyboard 
and some keys are mapped to do that). For example, when I launch mythbackend 
in a konsole window, the application starts, opens the TV card and suddenly 
what happens is like if keys got pressed, so for example there appears 771935 
in the console window.
This happens all the time the TV card is open. I suggest that somebody takes a 
look at the remote control code because there must be the problem, as I have 
just installed the v4l-dvb revision which existed just before to the remote 
control commitment.

All the best, José

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