[linux-dvb] No frontend with Nova-t stick

Steven Cockeram steven.cockeram at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 01:01:30 CET 2006

Dave Leatherdale wrote:
> Hi
> I recently got a few of the Hauppauge nova-t stick devices. I tried using
> the latest source from http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb and the /~pb/v4l-dvb
> trees but I always get "no frontend was attached". I'm running Ubuntu 6.10
> powerpc on a mac mini.
> dmesg output:
> [  611.770214] usb 2-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address
> 8
> [  611.903803] usb 2-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
> [  611.904072] dvb-usb: found a 'Hauppauge Nova-T Stick' in cold state, will
> try to load a firmware
> [  611.942956] dvb-usb: downloading firmware from file
> 'dvb-usb-dib0700-01.fw'
> [  612.120666] dib0700: firmware started successfully.
> [  612.622218] dvb-usb: found a 'Hauppauge Nova-T Stick' in warm state.
> [  612.622320] dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream to the
> software demuxer.
> [  612.622940] DVB: registering new adapter (Hauppauge Nova-T Stick).
> [  612.816267] dvb-usb: no frontend was attached by 'Hauppauge Nova-T Stick'
> [  612.816285] dvb-usb: Hauppauge Nova-T Stick successfully initialized and
> connected.
> I assume the numbers on the device itself have some sort of meaning so the
> first line is:
> M/R:70001/A1B5  #3006
> The second line changes between devices but its along the lines of
> 000DFE0A84D2       LF
> Can I provide any additional information or help in order to help work out
> why this doesn't work?
> Many thanks,
> Dave
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It's the same type of stick that I've got - same problem as I see.

If you turn on debugging by adding 'options dvb_usb_dib0700 debug=1' to 
the /etc/modprobe.conf. (or whatever, try /sbin/modinfo dvb_usb_dib0700 
and it'll print out the parameters that it uses), you may get the same 
as I do:

I2C read failed on address 9
DiB7000M:i2c read error on 896
DiB7000M:-E-  DiB7000M: wrong Vendor ID (read=0x4602)
dvb-usb: no frontend was attached by 'Hauppauge Nova-T Stick'

I emailed Patrick Boettcher and this list describing the problem. (I 
actually bought the stick when he announced preliminary support ;(. 

Patrick seems to have access to the specs for the DibCom 7000 or the 
frontend. (I think that he may work with/for DibCom), but he appears to 
be very busy. I wish companies would open up their specs a bit more. I 
could spend time reading them rather than waiting for someone to have 
some free time to work on it. I mustn't grumble though at least some 
progress has been made.

So as it stands it doesn't work.


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