[linux-dvb] No frontend with Nova-t stick

Steven Cockeram steven.cockeram at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 23:34:57 CET 2006

> Can you both play with the msleep in dib0700_core.c:232 ? It is already at 
> 500ms (normally it should be 100ms) .
I tried it at both 10,000ms and 100ms, same as before.

>> I wish companies would open up their specs a bit more. I could spend 
>> time reading them rather than waiting for someone to have some free time 
>> to work on it. I mustn't grumble though at least some progress has been 
>> made.
> Releasing the specs to everyone would not help in this situation, because 
> the problem which is seen by some of you is very specific to Linux/the 
> Linux-driver. So far I have no real clue what it is. Maybe the msleep is 
> not delaying things as its call claims to...
I really do appreciate all the work that has been done thus far, but 
there is only one of you and if others
were to see specs then we would at least be able to try things out, as 
it stands the rest of us are in the dark.
> I'm trying to find some time soon to get into this issue.
Thanks for the time you spend helping us out.


> Patrick.
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