[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Nov 22 00:00:17 CET 2006

CityK wrote:
> Markus Rechberger wrote:
>> these em28xx devices should be around in US:
>> 1. Hauppauge  -em2883 (NTSC(tvp5150)/ATSC(lgdt3303)/extra
>> usbaudio(ep 0x83))
>> .....
>> 3. elgato  -  em2883 (NTSC(tvp5150)/ATSC(Samsung) 
> Are the elgato EyeTV Hybrid and Hauppauge HVR-950 not one and the same
> device?  i.e. are you sure that they actually use different digital
> demodulators?

Same exact device, AFAIK.  I believe they even use the same usb vid/pid.

I believe the information above about a Samsung ATSC frontend is inaccurate.

> Interesting to note that the A/V breakout cables shown on the elgato
> website are identical to that shown on the Pinnacle webpage with their
> product ...yet the cable in Erik's pictures is clearly not the
> same.....(unlike egato, Hauppauge doesn't display a A/V cable on their
> webpage...not even certain if they include a cable with purchase, as
> they don't seem to make mention of it). Linkage:

Hauppauge does in fact provide an svideo / composite a/v break-out adapter,
and it is the same exact one in the photo.

> Lastly, I rather suspect that the Geniatech "HDTV THRILLER USB U6010A",
> which is appearing for sale by an Atlanta based ebay seller, is likely
> related to either the elgato/Hauppauge or Pinnacle design/device.  Linkage:
> - http://www.geniatech.com/pa/u6000a.htm
> -
> http://cgi.ebay.ca/New-Generation-ATSC-HDTV-USB-tuner-w-NSTC-TV-card_W0QQitemZ290052869082QQihZ019QQcategoryZ3761QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

It might be the same design, although I am not sure.  They mention,
"ATSC Digital Radio", a feature that I am not yet aware of.

If it is the same design, then all of them can support it.

Michael Krufky

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