[linux-dvb] Motherboard w/ lots of PCI slots, pchd5500 cards, etc.

ptay1685 ptay1685 at Bigpond.net.au
Wed Nov 22 08:23:58 CET 2006

Sorry to get slightly off topic here, but would'nt it be better to go 
external/usb2 if you want lots of tuners?

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Subject: [linux-dvb] Motherboard w/ lots of PCI slots, pchd5500 cards, etc.

> Anyone have any recommendations for a M/B that has a lot of
> PCI slots (either 5V or 5V/3.3V)?  I need to build a box with a
> lot of DST-1000 and ATSC tuner cards (probably the pchd5500).
> On the subject of the pchd5500, I haven't seen any postings on
> this list about that card.  Isn't anyone using it?
> What are the other ATSC tuner cards that are out there, and does
> anyone have any experience with them?
> I'm looking at:
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATSC_cards
> but I don't know how current or exhaustive the testing is.
> Any opinions/pointers appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Philip
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