[linux-dvb] help needed to tune with TT S1500

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 24 01:41:22 CET 2006

	Hi all,
I cant tune on intelsat 801 (31.5W) with my S1500. I know the dish  
worked 2 months ago as the preceding people used a STB without any  
I made an initial transponders file using lyngsat and I get weird  
tuning problems: using either kaffeine or scan I get a few transponders  
with almost 100% signal strength but still the tuning fails (but it  
might just be that there is nothing on those), and the other  
transponders where there is a bouquet (CanalSat Caraibes) I get low  
signal strength around 30% and no tuning with tuning status of 0x03  
(which means it gets the carrier signal if I understand correctly).
So how can this be? I would have thought that every transponder would  
have roughly the same signal strength! Is it possible that something is  
wrong in the way frequencies qre "programmed".
For info I use Ubuntu Edgy dvb modules so is it possible that a fix  
went in recently that Ubuntu did not pick up?
How could I diagnose the problem further?
BTW what modules do I need for the "tuning part"?
Well any help is greatly appreciated here,
PS: transponders file attached
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# Intelsat 801 31.5W
# freq pol sr fec
S 10979000 H 27500000 AUTO
S 11060000 H 27500000 AUTO
S 11482000 H 27500000 AUTO
S 11618000 H 27500000 AUTO
S 11681000 H 27500000 AUTO
S 11739000 V 27500000 AUTO
S 11778000 V 27500000 AUTO
S 11817000 V 27500000 AUTO
S 11856000 V 27500000 AUTO

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