[linux-dvb] PATCH: 2 patches against current Mercurial tree

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 18:08:49 CET 2006

Hello Uwe,

Uwe Bugla wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Thanks for the excellent work done by Michael Krufky and Mauro Chehab in the last few days! Well Done, guys!
> I tested yesterday's mercurial tree against 2.6.19-rc6.
> As I stated already, the only card in my machine is a Pinnacle PCTV Sat.
> And I consequently want to save RAM, i. e. avoid modules that are not necessary for this card to function well.

Have you ever taken a look at how much RAM is wasted by the modules in
(media/video) media/video/bt8xx ?

What you loose here is nothing in comparison to that. Most of the
hopelessness in DVB stuff comes because of hopeless dependencies in V4L.
(just count how many hopeless V4L modules are loaded)

If you keep quiet and try to help, you will see better drivers, to have
a sneak preview you can look here which will avoid using the
media/video/foobar and all nonsense.


So try to cooperate, by testing that tree, eventhough work is going on.
Might be incomplete for the time being.


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