[linux-dvb] [PATCH] to dvbsec_api.c in the dvb_apps for diseqc Goto X function

Michel Verbraak michel at verbraak.org
Sat Nov 25 20:06:06 CET 2006

I'm testing the dvbsec api for the Goto X part to control my rotor and 
found it did not respond as it should be.

I pulled the DiseqC 1.2 spec from the Eutelsat website and found a bug 
in the dvbsec_api.c file. The first diff file solves the bug and makes 
the api follow the spec as it should be. But after testing I found out 
my rotor did not what it should do.

I looked into the source for MythTV and found that the Angle part of the 
DiseqC command is build differently from the spec. So I changed the 
dvbsec_api.c file again to act like the MythTV source. See the second 
diff file.

With the second diff file my rotor does what I tell it to do. When I say 
15.2 Degrees it goes to 15.2 degrees East.

I do not know why there is a difference to the Eutelsat Diseqc 1.2 
specs. for this. If somebody knows please tell?

Who is able to apply this patch to the hg repository on linuxtv.org.


Michel Verbraak

Second diff signed of by Michel Verbraak <michel at verbraak.org>
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