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Federico Quagliata federico at quagliata.org
Wed Nov 29 14:34:39 CET 2006

José Oliver Segura wrote:

>       Does this mean some advance to see why some devices work fine
> with their native drivers/mediacenters/windows and not so well under
> linux? I experiment the same behaviour with my nova-t stick. Currently
> I'm trying to get an example of errors/signal for each
> channel/frequency, just to see if it can show me some kind of common
> factor about the group of channels that don't work 100% ok with linux,
> in order to see it gives some clue regarding this.

How are you proceeding in doing this? I can do the same so we could compare
the results.

>        I've also e-mailed tech support at hauppauge in order to know if
> they could give me some hint about what their drivers/applications do
> and -seems- linux drivers doesn't do (as long as -it seems- that
> native hauppauge applications don't show up these kind of artifacts),
> but, as you could expect... no reply yet (I don't hope to get it, but
> that mail is something I must try, as "hauppauge" customer :) )

I have another update: I ran mplayer with debug on and this seems to be

a bounch of

        ts_parse: PID=###, Transport error: 1, CC_OK: no


        ts_parse: PID=###, Transport error: 1, CC_OK: yes

>        Best,
>        Jose

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