[linux-dvb] info about dib7000m

Giovanni giluong at libero.it
Wed Nov 29 15:14:00 CET 2006

Hi to everyone,
I’m going to buy an external receiver with chip dib7000m and I red that with this chip is possible also to retrieve DVB-H transmission in 4k mode (when there’ll be), now, it is true or just a joke found on internet?
Does anyone know anything about this?
If you try to read dib7000m frontend released is possible to find this 

/* case 2: fep->u.ofdm.transmission_mode = TRANSMISSION_MODE_4K; break; */

I think to exist this line on code (it's only commented) it should be possible to demodule in this mode

I hope to receive any answers just to be sure that what I’m going to buy is better than my grandtec grand dvb-t pen (with dib3000mc).

Thank you all 


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