[linux-dvb] Re: Re: Update!

Federico Quagliata federico at quagliata.org
Wed Nov 29 16:38:11 CET 2006

José Oliver Segura wrote:
>> How are you proceeding in doing this? I can do the same so we could
>> compare the results.
>        Well, just in a simple way: I am trying to set up a simple perl
> script that launches tzap for each of the channels in channels.conf,

Ok, just mail me the scripts once is ready. <g>

>       I'm thinking about doing that because, just by observation, I
> see that channels with low frequencies show a little number of ber/unc
> (in many cases, 0), and a signal of about 0x9../0xa..., and as the
> frequency gets higher, ber/unc grow up and signal goes down (0x7...).

Yeah... I also noticed that problems grows with frequencies.

I can receive with no problems the VHF E-channel (186Mhz freq with 7mhz

> I'd blame for this my antenna (and so, I'm waiting fo the antenna guy
> to come and review my installation), but the fact is that it works OK
> under windows, and... The big tower that sends dvb-t (Collserola -
> Barcelona - Spain) can be seen from my window, just a few kilometers
> away... so... :(

I'm also sure my antenna and cables are fine... They work ok both in
Windows+USB Stick and a stand-alone DVB-T set-top-box I have.

>>         ts_parse: PID=###, Transport error: 1, CC_OK: yes
>        I've no idea about what that could mean...

It means that the stream that the mplayer ts demuxer receives is corrupted.

> but I'll try to run 
> mplayer also with debug, just to check if I get the same output. Did
> you get it running directly mplayer with dvb://?

I ran it verbose (-v option) directly on "dvb://".

> Just let me know, 
> because my "personal dvb" is just a little perl script that uses
> tzap/cat/mplayer and temporary files for mpeg data and pipes for
> mplayer control, and maybe to get this debug output mplayer needs to
> be "in control" of the dvb devices.
>        It would be great to get some input from hauppauge, but... you
> know.. we're second class citizens :-)


>        Best,
>        Jose

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