[linux-dvb] Hauppauge HVR-3000 works!

Robert Longbottom RobertCL at iname.com
Wed Nov 29 18:34:40 CET 2006

Simon Santoro wrote:
> Robert Longbottom wrote:
>>  I can get a picture and get the tuner working
>> now,
> What was the problem? I think i'll try the analog tuner next week, so
> i'll tell you if it works for me.
>> but I still don't get sound.  Just static noise even when the picture
>> is tuned in correctly.
> Uhm, dvb-t, and dvb-s sound works just fine.
> mplayer dvb://"RAS SF2"
> and sound and video work great!
> I really did nothing.

I can get the picture going, and the tuner working so I can change 
channels.  But all I get for audio is just static noise - as if the 
channel isn't tuned in properly - but the channel is tuned in because 
I'm getting the picture ok.  I'm using xawtv for the picture and 
'arecord ... | aplay ...' to try and get the audio going.

>> Did you have to do anything in particular to get sound working?  Any
>> special module options that you have loaded?  Which modules do you have
>> installed?

<snip module list>

Hmm, looks about the same as mine (from memory) except that you have 
v4l1_compat loaded.  Maybe I will give that a go as one of the things to 
try and see if it helps...  Thats number two on my list of things to try 
anyway - along with setting i2c_scan=1 (I think thats it anyway)

>> I'd really like to get mine working as it is so close.  I must just be
>> missing a setting or switch somewhere or option somewhere, but I've had no
>> luck finding it...
> I hope you'll get it done. I'll let you know my results with the analog
> tuner next week.

Let us know if you get it going....


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