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José Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 21:11:53 CET 2006

On 11/29/06, Federico Quagliata <federico at quagliata.org> wrote:
> Ok, just mail me the scripts once is ready. <g>

       Hi Federico,

       attached you could find a zip file containing the script, my
channel.conf and the output of the script  (I think you just need to
change $tzap path and maybe channels.conf location  in the script)

> Yeah... I also noticed that problems grows with frequencies.

       I've noticed that (at least in this run of the script) that's
not exactly true (not 100% true, but almost) for me:

Summary statistics:
Frequency       Signal  Ber             Unc
=========       ======  ========        ========
514000000       a151    00000000        00000001
570000000       96f9    00000000        00000000
794000000       8308    00000000        00000001
818000000       7539    00193640        00000fae
834000000       79b8    00044993        00000bd6
842000000       7b72    00004394        00000009
850000000       79ce    00051580        000023f1
858000000       7843    000694ee        00001d2b

        But, as can be depicted from the statistics, there are some
differences between low frequencies and high frequencies (being the
8xxxHz frequencies the worst case, that correspond to the frequencies
of the channels that doesn't work ok for me under linux)

       A silly question: is it normal to get so different signal level
for different frequencies (as said, from my window I can see the TV
antenna that is emitting all the channels)?

> I can receive with no problems the VHF E-channel (186Mhz freq with 7mhz
> bandwith).

       Sorry.. no idea about VHF or not :-) Anyway, from my
channels.conf maybe you could deduce the parameters of each

> I'm also sure my antenna and cables are fine... They work ok both in
> Windows+USB Stick and a stand-alone DVB-T set-top-box I have.

      That's true for me under windows+Hauppauge driver/mediacenter

>         ts_parse: PID=###, Transport error: 1, CC_OK: yes
> It means that the stream that the mplayer ts demuxer receives is corrupted.

       I've run mplayer -v with one of the problematic channels and I
get a lot of the same messages (the output of mplayer -v is also in
the attached zip)

       I don't know if any one has some ideas about this...

       Hope the script works for you (and sorry about coding style, is
just a q&d script :) )


PS. Note that you need a recent tzap, since some versions (I think) do
not fflush after writing to the output the status message, son the
pipe to read from tzap won't work (I experienced this with a FC6
installation, and I don't remember if tzap came from the installation
of was yum-installed from some repository. I've just downloaded the
latest dvb-apps and it works fine)
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