[linux-dvb] Schedule information in Canal Digital's TS

jesper at taxboel.dk jesper at taxboel.dk
Sun Oct 1 21:58:40 CEST 2006

Hi Guys,

I have been looking into the 'tv_grab_dvb' project, and tried using it
with my Danish Canal Digital subscribtion.

I can find data with the application, but it only contains now/next
listings, which is sort of useless to me. An EPG with a look-ahead around
2 hours!?!

It seems that the transport stream does not contain any schedule
information in its Event Information Taxble on PID 0x12. But it has to be
there somewhere.

I found this article:
http://www.digitalt.tv/dvbs/test/grundigdsr6452s0.aspx Which explains that
the EPG is loading quite slow, but it is there.

Are there any good suggestions to where I should look for that kind of
information in the transport stream?

Thanx in advance


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