[linux-dvb] Re: Supported radio card universal or PCI-X interface

davidm davidm_ltv at davidmonro.net
Mon Oct 2 16:47:21 CEST 2006

I think he means 3.3V capable (a card which can do both 5 and 3.3 is
known as a 'universal' card; PCI-X slots are always 3.3V in my experience).

I have a similar problem - I'd love to put my KWorld Xpert DVB-T card in
one of the slots on the 2nd pci bus on my server motherboard to isolate
it from the other devices... but those are 3.3V slots and its a 5V card :(



Robin Hill wrote:
> On Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 12:20:34PM +0200, Emilio Castellano wrote:
>>I've just try two cards with radio support. Hauppage WinTV primioFM and 
>>Terratec 600, but none of this have universal or PCI-X interface,
>>Does anybody know a board with this specs. covered?
> Aren't they using standard PCI interfaces?  In which case they should be
> forward compatible with PCI-X (unless they're 5V cards I guess).  I very
> much doubt you'll get a PCI-X interface radio card - the only reason for
> choosing PCI-X over PCI is the improved bandwidth.
> Or did you mean PCI-e rather than PCI-X?  And what do you mean by
> universal?  I can't imagine any internal interface that could be
> described as "universal".
> Cheers,
>         Robin
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