[linux-dvb] nvidia 3d module prevent to work module saa7134?

KevinLuX kevinlux at karondimonio.it
Tue Oct 3 17:06:51 CEST 2006

hi have ubuntu dapper with vanilla kernel and hg mercurial clone.
I have compiled and installed v4l-dvb.
My card is a pinnacle 310i both dvb and analog.
In analog mode with saa7134 card=77 if Xorg run with the new nvidia 
driver /(1.0-9625
Linux Display Driver – x86 
Date: September 21)/
and 3d accelleration active, tv time doesn't work is slow and give me a 
blu screen.
Also xawtv zapping and xtv. scan channel works good.
I have disabled nvidia module and all works good!

Any suggestions ?'

Thanks in advance!

ps. harmut i'm waiting for you patch to get working pinnacle 310i in dvb 
mode :P


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