[linux-dvb] ASUSTEK P7131 Dual TV dvb mode?

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Tue Oct 3 20:42:26 CEST 2006

On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 12:06:53AM +0200, you [hermann pitton] wrote:
> oops, you mentioned you use "fm" from fmtools and I didn't remember
> immediately that there is an issue with it and this radio tuner, but I
> pointed to it in another mail today on the video4linux-list.
> fm just tunes in and quits, but this tuner goes to standby, if not used.

Ah, ok. I noticed the quitting issue as well.

> Unfortunately after using "fm" it produces unmuted noise.
> Use kradio (v4l2!) or radio from xawtv. Gnomeradio should be fine too,
> but don't have it installed currently on that machine.

After finding out 'fm' does not work (fully) I've been solely using
> "while true; do ./fm -d /dev/radio1 102.5 62000; done"
> gives me continious cracks too. 

Yeah, those are not the cracks I was talking about. Sorry for the confusion.

The cracks I hear with gnomeradio (caused most likely weak signal) are
_much_ shorter and frequent.

> Must be caused by walking ioctls.
> With the other apps 
> "arecord -D hw:2,0 -r 32000 -c 2 -f S16_LE | aplay" in my case works
> fine.

It does work with gnomeradio, but as said there's the crackling sound (I
think we can conclude it's a signal issue and forget about it unless
something suggests otherwise) and the arecord|aplay issue going out of sync
> Also don't get dsp access errors. 

They might be related to the arecord|aplay out of sync issue.

> Do they persist after reloading the modules? 

I think I did unload and reload once, and the issue reappeared, but I can

> Hmm, maybe some incompatible
> alsa stuff.

> For the antenna input question in your previous mail, yes, you can just
> use the cable-tv input for DVB-T without using radio previously. This
> will change as soon Hartmut picks up the patch, which automates the DVB-
> T antenna input setting from within saa7134-dvb for that card.

Ok. Thanks!

-- v -- 

v at iki.fi

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