[linux-dvb] MSI Megasky 580 using Uli m9206 - http://linuxtv.org/hg/~mkrufky/m920x

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Oct 4 22:36:26 CEST 2006

Gunther Mayer wrote:
> I believe you are wrong, the USB IDs differ:
> 0db0:5580 = MSI Megasky 580 (with m920x)
> 0db0:5581 = MSI Megasky 580 (with gl861)

Yes, thank you.  We realized that a few days ago, and I've already made
the appropriate change in the megasky tree:


This tree holds the two drivers-in-progress, m920x and gl861 ... If we
decide to change the names later on, it's no big deal -- I will end up
folding some of those patches before merging to the master branch, anyhow.

> However, I would like to receive photos of both pcb sides for
> www.bttv-gallery.de
> Also you can see there are quite some 9205, 9206 and 9207 models available,
> so it makes sense to name the driver uli_m9207 (or similar)

I have not looked at bttv-gallery in a long while, but I've been told
that the gl861 PCB photo is already on your site.  If anybody has a
m920x-based device, please take a digital photo and send it over to Gunther.

On another note, Gunther, I have to second Markus' comment:

> Gunther, could you do us a favour and split up your site a bit..
> The index file already takes around 2.6 MB (without images) .. it's a
> browser killer at the moment..

If you could break that huge page up into several smaller pages, perhaps
with a table-of-contents page, then I'll be able to look at bttv-gallery
once again.  Maybe you could make a single page per vendor, or something
like that?

As it is right now, firefox crashes on it, or I run out of memory -->
system hang.

I appreciate having that web site around for reference -- it just kills
any browser that I try to use to view it.  :-(


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