[linux-dvb] Haupage WinTV Nova-T-500 second tuner poor signal problems

Adam Bartlett jherek at iamadam.net
Thu Oct 5 20:55:04 CEST 2006

Hi All,

I recently purchased a Nova-T-500 and the first tuner is working perfectly 
with MythTV. However the second input only picks up BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 (and all 
channels on that multiplex) etc and not ITV1, ITV2, Channel4, and E4 etc. 
Both tuners are using the same channels.conf file. It seems that the signal 
going to the second tuner is not as strong as to the first tuner. In my area 
(using the Rowridge transmitter) as far as I know the ITV1, Channel4 
multiplex is more powerful than the BBC multiplex which makes this seem even 

I've searched everywhere I can for any useful information on this problem but 
cannot find anything related to it. Has anyone got any idea why the second 
tuner should be behaving like this?

Many Thanks 

Adam Bartlett
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