[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 310i DVB-T, please try this patch

Antonio Beamud Montero antonio.beamud at linkend.net
Fri Oct 6 11:21:23 CEST 2006

El vie, 06-10-2006 a las 01:15 +0200, Hartmut Hackmann escribió:
> Hi, all
> First: thanks for testing.
> To sum up:
> Things seem to work, right?
> Just some comments:
> - It should not be necessary to set card and tuner type manually.
> - If no dvb devices are created, the reason most probably is that
>    the saa7134-dvb module is not loaded. This still needs to be done
>    separately.
> - This card needs the external firmware.
> - If you don't have an internal sound cable, you will need to load
>    the saa7134-oss or the saa7134-alsa module and route the sound
>    in user space as described in the wiki. This does *not* hold for
>    dvb-t.
> - The digital sound processing uses a sample rate of 32kHz, that's
>    right.
> - The card might have a sensitivity issue. The reason is that there
>    is an external RF amplifier on the board which is not handled by
>    the driver yet.
> Can i check the patch in?

I think so.

> Best regards
>     Hartmut
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