[linux-dvb] How to position a USALS/DiseqC 1.2 motor in linux

Garnet MacPhee garnet at signalpeak.net
Sat Oct 7 15:20:31 CEST 2006

Michel Verbraak wrote:
> I have a simple question but could not find the right answer yet on the 
> net.
> How to move the motor/rotor from the command line?
> I have a DiseqC 1.2/USALS/ Goto X compatible motor for my satellite 
> dish. In Windows I can control the motor without a problem.
> Now I'm trying to move it with in linux and do not know how.
> I know you can select the DiseqC switch in dvbscan with the -s option 
> but how to move the dish to the right satellite I do not know.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Michel, there is a program called xdipo that should do it for you. More info here: http://panteltje.com/panteltje/satellite/

It runs under X but I believe you can also run it from the command line. It requires xforms to install it.

Hope this helps,

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