[linux-dvb] ASUSTEK P7131 Dual TV dvb mode?

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Mon Oct 9 22:36:20 CEST 2006

On Mon, Oct 09, 2006 at 01:50:15AM +0200, you [hermann pitton] wrote:
> > 
> > so card = -1 doesn't seem fatal.
> it is ok, it just auto enumerates the next available minors for the dsps
> and mixers. Use the index=N option to have it specified.

Ok, I see.
> > I seem to recall the sound has gone silent on some past reboots, I really
> > can't figure out what the difference, or is it just spurious...

Update: it's not per-boot issue. The analog tv sound worked yesterday -
today when I tried to record, the sound was mute and dmesg showed 'dsp
access errors'. I haven't booted since it worked.
> we have only Dual FM (A2) here and you should have BG-NICAM.
> Didn't notice anything yet, except audio is delayed for about 2 seconds
> also on previously fast tuners (FM1216/I hm) and the tda8290/tda8275a
> combo, always much slower anyway, has a short crack after changing a
> channel, likely automute timing is too short now.
> That is not unusual after such detection changes, timing was always
> tricky, but will start some more longish analog recordings next days.
> That the gpio triggered antenna switch on DVB-T doesn't work intrigues
> me more, but don't have that card variant.

It can be that I haven't quite grasped how it _should_ work.

I now have the same antenna cable signal connected to both inputs (the cable
signal carries dvb-t, analog tv and fm radio). Albeit identical in theory,
the other input signal is weaker, since I have a splitter in between. Right
now, I have the weaker connected to the analog tv input in the card (the one
closer to the motherboard) and the stronger into the dvb-t/fm.

The only way I've gotten dvb to work is to
 - have the stronger signal cable on the fm/dvb connector
 - use the fm tuning trick to switch the gpio to that input

If I connect the stronger signal cable to the analog tv input and do not
invoke the fm tuning trick, dvb does not work.

If I connect the stronger signal cable to the 'fm/dvb-t' connector but do
not use the fm tuning trick, dvb doesn't work.

Analog tv works with both weaker and stronger cable (albeit better with the
stronger signal, obviously).

Should the dvb functionality be able to use either input of the card or just
the 'fm/dvb-t' labeled one?

I'm sorry for being a bit confused about this. I may have given you unclear
picture on what works and what doesn't.

-- v -- 

v at iki.fi

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