[linux-dvb] Re: UK DVB-T and BBC PARLIAMENT

Mario Rossi mariofutire at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 10 20:48:55 CEST 2006

As Darren suggested the video pid is 202.
I can actually see a 4/3 format screen with 3 PIPs.
The audio pid 403 corresponds to the parliament pip.

The scanning line is



> i dont know how they do it but its in effect a PIP window and yes its
> like that all the time, on some stand alone stb's will also show 2
> other (BBi news it think it is) pip  windows for a few seconds and
> still others will give you the option to red button to switch to these
> pip's, parliament pip does transmit 24/7  so thats not the problem.
> its really iratating in that even the windows DVB PC apps dont display
> the pip and only ever lock the sound weras all the stb's (exept first
> gen/cheap ones) can and do display the video, id like to see it to (and
> multicast it over the lan) but cant, if someone were to be able to
> make a fix to see this video , that would be a very good thing...

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