[linux-dvb] Re: Help - Mythbackend crashes every day - Nova-T-500

Robin Hill dvb at robinhill.me.uk
Wed Oct 11 18:58:22 CEST 2006

On Wed Oct 11, 2006 at 05:10:52PM +0200, ThomP Pontoppidan wrote:

> Hi,
> I finally thought I had my Nova-T-500 working properly, but now I get
> something like this every day when I come home from work:
> What does it mean? When it happens, mythfrontend loses connection to
> the backend, but I assume that it's the DVB-drivers that cause the
> problem?
Yes, I had the same problem (looks like anyway).  If you run dmesg
you'll probably get a clearer stack trace.  Anyway, mine was due to USB
disconnects (between the USB bridge and the chipset - both on the Nova-T
itself).  The DVB stack doesn't handle hot-plug events so the result is
kernel oopses and mythbackend hanging.  I've had to swap the cards out
for my old Nova-Ts for now - I'm currently putting together a dual boot
system to test these out under XP and do some USB snooping.  Hopefully
this'll help with both the crashing and getting the remote working.

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