[linux-dvb] Re: ARTEC T14A : tiny USB ATSC receiver

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Thu Oct 12 03:17:07 CEST 2006

A couple of weeks ago I happened to notice that support for the Artec
T14 was included in Maruo's Sept 26th list of V4L/DVB updates for Linus
to pull from master branch.

While I knew that the Artec T14A uses a LG DT3303 demodulator, I was
unaware whether it shared any similar componentry with its DVB-T
namesake cousin (although thought it likely).

I noticed on AVS last week that someone linked to a post on the opendtv
list by Rod Hewitt, authour of the popular Windows TSReader app, in
which he had outlined the other components of the T14A:
- http://www.freelists.org/archives/opendtv/07-2006/msg00103.html

I did a quick google of the dvb list and came across the following
thread, which I link to at the relevant point of interest:
- http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2006-March/009059.html  ...
also see the concluding, but non-continuous, post from the thread here:
- http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2006-March/009197.html

So it would appear that support for the T14A would, probably, be fairly
easy to add.

I don't own one of these devices.  Before purchasing, I would take note
of Rod's concerns/comments, as they are consistent from what I have read
of other users' reports -- namely, that the T14A tends to get really
warm and suffers drop outs.


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