Freecom DVB-T card tuning, Re: [linux-dvb] Trouble with Pinnacle310i DVB-T

Steven Toth stoth at
Thu Oct 12 22:24:30 CEST 2006

Benjamin Gillam wrote:
> This is exactly it! If you add 167k to 489833333 you get basically
> 490000000 which is the frequency that works with this card! [See my
> mail, subject "Tuning problems: Freecom card with USB ID 14aa:0226" on
> 10/10/06 17:19 (it has USB ID 14aa:0225 when cold)]
> So how would I go about doing this manually? Because when I scan, the
> frequencies of the other transponders are not accepted... Could it not
> be added in the driver? Automatically add 167k to every frequency
> received if a certain modprobe flag is on? I want it to work with my
> current MythTV setup, which has 2 DVB-T devices already, I don't want to
> have to add more transponders and get MythTV confused over which
> channels are the same or different...
Just a guess, it's probably going this because Microsofts MCE doesn't 
like transport being returned on multiple offsets from the carrier, they 
prefer locking on center (even though they continue to search both sides 
even if the center locked with transport).

Typically vendors fake this out to satisfy MCE in the driver. Maybe this 
was done in the hardware instead... switching off the range/search lock 
capability. Perhaps it's driven by the eeprom.

Which demodulator is it using?


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