[linux-dvb] ASUSTEK P7131 Dual TV dvb mode?

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Fri Oct 13 08:33:38 CEST 2006

On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 01:00:53AM +0200, you [hermann pitton] wrote:
> >     +--------------+
> >  1 =|              |
> >  2 =|              |
> > (3)-|              |
> >     +----########--+
> >          ##PCI###
> > 
> > I was looking at the manual. It talks about
> >   1  "FM radio / Digital TV port"
> >   2  "Analog TV antenna / Cable TV port"
> > ( 3  "Audio-video port" )
> The manual is about the windows driver. 

Yeah, the manual didn't help at all wrt configuring it, but it had that
picture of the card.

> Technically on mine only the FM radio input is fix, since this one is
> routed through an 5.5MHz ceramic filter.

> > And this is different from the
> > http://www.spinics.net/lists/vfl/msg28220.html patch, right?
> No. It is exactly about this one.
> But maybe you should try the recent, since Hartmut had also audio fixes
> and introduced signal and stereo detection for radio.

I'll try it at some point.

> As known, tuning is still quite slow.

Ok (that's not an issue for me.)
> Yes, that is another condition where the previous was better, but the
> tuner is much better on cable-tv than on FreeToAir analog broacast. Now
> the preference is more for different cable-tv and DVB-T antennas and it
> follows the m$ behavior to do multi boot OSs users a favour ...

It's ok for me either way. Not a big deal.
> BTW, "patch" has a -R option.

Sure :). 

It's just easier to follow the newest code in future when one doesn't have
to back up patches each time. But again, this is not a big issue for me.
> To be honest, as you described the current symptoms, DVB-T not anymore
> on the analog input, but still the radio switch is needed to get it to
> the RF/FM-IN, isn't covered by any clear ideas here yet. (timing?)

I see.

> If I understand your problem correctly, using a dvb app makes the analog
> input already unusable for DVB-T, but only when triggering the switch a
> second time, in this case by using radio once, it finally comes to the
> RF/FM-IN ? (Starting a dvb-app does it the second after radio)

That's how it seems to be. (It could be it is using the analog input at
first, but it doesn't seem to, since it doesn't find ANY signal. If I plug
the analog cable to the RF/FM-IN manually, I get dvb image but with errors,
since the signal is weaker in that cable.)

> To start and close for example kaffeine twice should then have the same
> effect, as using radio at first. (indicator is firmware loading and
> setting up plls twice in dmesg)
> But there is one difference. If the dvb app exits
> asus_p7131_dual_tuner_sleep switches _back_ to the analog input with
> saa_clearl(SAA7134_GPIO_GPSTATUS0 >> 2, 0x0200000);
> Maybe /* comment */ that line to get more identical behaviour to
> using radio at first. 

I'll try that.

> Hartmut mentioned that the NICAM decoder is quite sensitive for video
> glitches. Try to force MONO for a while? 

Might be. 

Do I do that via the mplayer -tv options, or should it be forced to MONO at
driver level somehow?

> Else always enable audio_debug=1 on the saa7134

I have debug enabled for saa7134-alsa, but it doesn't make difference. I'll
try audio_debug=1 for saa7134.

> and also force the exact PAL sub-norm. Wrongly detecting
> PAL-I was/is also a known issue in Scandinavia.


> Don't forget to apply the tiny patch from yesterday. DVB-T won't work
> without it.


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