[linux-dvb] Is a 733Mhz celeron enough & usb 1.1 sticks

Darren Wilkinson lintv at chipsugar.plus.com
Sat Oct 14 19:25:29 CEST 2006

The reason I ask is that i'm interested in setting myself a new project. 
I'd like to use a modded xbox to run linux and thus use as a PVR. I'm 
aware that linux on the xbox with usb support is no problem. What I'd 
like to know is are there any dvb usb devices apart from the old 
nova/dec from Hauppauge.

I'd also like know if anyone anyone else has done software mpeg2 
decoding (DVD or standard definition DVB) on linux with a celeron 
700/733Mhz so I know if that processor is powerful enough.

All responses welcome.

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