[linux-dvb] Multiplex dependent mpeg corruption and AverTV A800 with latest driver and 2.6.19-rc1

Klaus Frahm frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr
Sun Oct 15 03:18:45 CEST 2006

Klaus Frahm wrote:
> The errors with "TS discontinuity" are not serious and I have always a 
> modest number of them, however the Bad CRC_32 errors are new and very 
> serious, in particular the sound and video are clearly corrupted, with 
> very strong perturbations and the strang thing is that it happens to the 
> channels of two particular multiplexes while the other three multiplexes 
> are okay.
> I insist that with an "older" v4l-driver (for exemple that a August 12) 
> or with the kernel 2.6.18 or 2.6.17.x this problem does not at all 
> appear (provided I apply the cold-warm-state patch for the file a800.c). 
> I have also tested on two different machines (a PIII 500 MHz with USB 
> 1.1 and a Pentium D with 2.8 MHz and USB 2.0) and the probleme is 
> identical on both of them.
> I have also a very good, an excellant DVB-T reception with my antenna. 
> This should and can not be the problem that one or two multiplexes have 
> simply a bad antenna reception.
> ...
> I hope that some body else may reproduce this bug/problem and that it 
> may be solved before 2.6.19-final arrives.

Apparently, the problem is already solved since two days:

Sorry for the unnecessary message,


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