[linux-dvb] mplayer "TUNING FAILED", only first time per channel

Simon Detheridge simon at highlyillogical.org
Mon Oct 16 20:28:21 CEST 2006


On my system, mplayer sometimes (but not always) requires two attempts to
tune into a dvb channel when launched with a dvb:// url. (For example,
'mplayer "dvb://BBC ONE"' -- The first time, it comes up with "TUNING
FAILED", but the second time it almost invariably works fine.

My guess is it takes my dvb card longer to tune than mplayer expects??

Anyway, this causes problems for freevo and suchlike which fire up mplayer
to do things like view and record TV.

I'm currently running mplayer with a wrapper script that relaunches it
with the same parameters if it greps "TUNING FAILED" in sterr, but
obviously this is very ungraceful and is probably going to break other

Is there a way to make this problem go away? Perhaps a --be-persistent
flag? Or... ?


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