[linux-dvb] [patch-proposal] MSI TV@nywhere Plus IR remote support

Mark Schultz n9xmj at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 10:27:55 CEST 2006

I have recently (re-) added support for the IR remote on the MSI
TV at nywhere Plus analog TV card.  My patches were heavily based on the
original work by Henry Wong, detailed in this post:


Note: I have verified the odd behavior of the i2c IR controller that
Henry describes in his message (IR controller does not respond if last
i2c bus activity attempted to address a nonexistent device).

I modified the work outlined in the above message such that it would
work with the latest (mercurial) version, and changed a few remote key
definitions to correct a few minor errors.  I also added an alternative
PCI subvendor/product ID to match my card - the one already present
does not match my card, although I could make things work with the
present code by specifying saa7134 load parameters card=82 and

I have compiled and tested my changes, and everything seems to work
properly.  What I need now is some help in what procedures to follow to
get my changes integrated into the main source archive.  I have read
the suggestions for good practices on the v4l wiki and have followed
these as best I can.  The only thing I do not know how to do (since the
info in the v4l wiki seems outdated on this point) is the procedure I
need to follow to generate the 'diff' (do I use mercurial's diff?) and
what other procedures I need to follow to get my patches integrated
into the project.

While I have considerable experience in the software development realm
(mainly firmware development for "embedded" devices) this is the first
time I have attempted to contribute to a public open-source project. 
Thus, I hope that those reading this do not mind me asking what may
seem to some to be rather obvious and "dumb" questions.

FWIW, the patches were applied to the source tree acquired via
mercurial from the "tip" as of approx. 10 days ago.

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