[linux-dvb] question about Fusion HDTV USB and mplayer

Jim Shaffer jmshaffer at alltel.net
Sat Oct 21 00:40:01 CEST 2006

I have a question about using this device with mplayer. I set up a 
channels.conf file manually using information extracted from tsbrowser on a 
working Windows install. If I play a QAM channel with 2.0 sound, it works 
fine. If I play a QAM channel with 5.1 sound, I get no sound whatsoever. 
mplayer claims that there's no audio PID set, but I have the correct PIDs in 
the file. I have kernel version 2.6.17 and the PLF version of mplayer 1.0 
added to an otherwise-normal Mandriva 2006 installation, and I'm only using 
2.0 sound output.

I know the Fusion driver is working because I get sound on any channel if I 
play it with mythtv, but I'd really like to not have that behemoth on my 

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