[linux-dvb] New Subsystem 113c2:102

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Sat Oct 21 03:54:23 CEST 2006

Daniel Heemann wrote:
> the same was already submitted some months/years ago for kernel-2.4, now 
> when trying to get the card running using kernel-2.6 I found the hardware 
> no longer supported.
> It runs with the attached patch w/o any problems (based on last nights 'hg 
> clone snapshot'), at least I can use dvbscan/czap and mplayer -vo/-ao 
> mpegpes - but I could test it only for a few hours so far.
> It seems it's the same hardware like subsystem 13c2:0002.
> $> lspci -vn
> 02:04.0 0480: 1131:7146 (rev 01)
>         Subsystem: 13c2:1102
>         Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 66, IRQ 16
>         Memory at f2200000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=512]

Sorry, your card appears to be broken. We cannot add invalid subsystem
ids to the driver. There is no entry for subsystem 13c2:1102 in the
windows driver (Saa7146n.inf).

Probably the subsystem id was overwritten in the eeprom.
You might fix it using http://escape-edv.de/endriss/dvb/fix_eeprom.c


VDR Remote Plugin 0.3.8 available at

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