[linux-dvb] Typhoon DVB-T Duo CardBus again

ranger719 at web.de ranger719 at web.de
Tue Oct 24 01:18:25 CEST 2006

Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
> The reason for this lies in "GPIO magic". With the configuration for card
> 88, the GPIO configuration for the channel decoder is wrong, so the DSP in
> the channel decoder can't boot. But it needs to do this only once after
> power up. So we need a specific configuration for your card. The question
> is: How do we separate it from the other cards?
> By the way: Does your card have a fan?
> Hartmut

I can try to remove the casing and make some high-res pictures from the
chips etc. I can also post more info from lspci, lshw and so on
(whatever you need).
As far as I have recognized it does not have a fan (I don't see one,
too). At least I did not hear it if it went on. But we will see this if
I open it. I will do this tomorrow.

> Hermanns Tips depend a bit on the following question:
> Does your board have 2 tuners or not?
> Or in other words: Is it supposed to receive analog and DVB-T
> simultanously?

I don't know, I will test this tomorrow, too.


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