[linux-dvb] Driver for Technotrend SAA7146 based card does not allow to load firmware

Marco Masotti MC7953 at mclink.it
Tue Oct 24 20:59:13 CEST 2006


On the same PC I've been using under Windows a Technotrend DVB3200-S2 card, I'm now trying out it with linux under the hood. Good. In theory.
My problem is that I cannot load the firmware, because the /sys/class/firmware has only the 'timeout' file in it and not the file, named after the pci slot position occupied by the TT card, to be filled with the firmware.

The lspci command shows:

01:07:00 Multimedia controller:Philips Semiconductors SAA7146 (rev 01)

Also, as I recalled, I used to have the TT card working with Windows, so the card is tested and functional.

As a result , the 'modprobe dvb-ttpci' command loads the modules in to the kernel, but the /dev/dvb is not populated at all

The linux distro is archlinux 0.7.2 with latest kernel 2.6.18-ARCH

Thank you and best regards

Marco M.

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