[linux-dvb] TVGo DVB-T02Q from genius

Thorsten Scherler thorsten.scherler at wyona.com
Wed Oct 25 17:11:02 CEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 16:11 +0200, Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> hi all,
> I am trying to get a dvb-t receiver to work with my ubuntu box.
> http://www.genius-europe.com/en/produktdetail.php?ID2=39&ID=30&ID3=225
> TVGo DVB-T02Q from genius.
> Somebody knows which firmware I can use, since I searched now for a
> while but did not find a suitable driver?
> On the above page are win2kkdriver, can I wrap them or something
> similar?
> TIA for any information.

I have been lurking on #linuxtv and pahartik helped me. He ask:
(17:00:49) pahartik: tscherler: maybe, but you could show your "dmesg",
"lsmod" and "lsusb" output... put them on HTTP server and share URL on
this channel...

http://pastebin.ca/221157 <- dmesg
http://pastebin.ca/221160 <- lsmod
http://pastebin.ca/221169 <- lsusb
http://pastebin.ca/221173 <- ./get_dvb_firmware

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