[linux-dvb] HVR 1110 works with,v4l-dvb and modprobe -v saa3174 card=101 && modprobe -v saa3174_dvb

tomlohave at gmail.com tomlohave at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 17:53:08 CEST 2006

Steven Toth a écrit :
>>     I have it working in DVB-T (haven't tried analogue though) with
>>     the following:
>>     kernel: <> (with dvb/v4l stuff
>>     compiled as modules)
>>     v4l-dvb:        Latest (as of 2006-10-24)
>>     modprobe -v saa3174 card=101
>>     modprobe -v saa3174_dvb
>> yes but with this settings, no remote control and no analogic tv 
>> (when you enabled tuner with debug=1, no lock).
>> So i wrote a small definition for this card (based on 310i) and i 
>> search for more informations to get remote controle and analogic tv 
>> work.
>> i have not tested input via s-video neither the radio device.
> Calum
> Thanks for your work. :) That's good news and a great short term 
> workaround. Tom actually has some patches to add official support 
> meaning that the device gets automatically detected and configured 
> correctly. This is a better long term approach.
> Tom,
> Can you post your HVR1110 driver changes as a complete diff to this 
> list? (I must of missed the previous email). I'd like to run some 
> basic testing.
> or ... has anyone else got a working hg tree that I can download and 
> test against?
> I definetly would like to see the HVR1100 descriptions changed to 
> HVR1110 within the patch.
Here you can have this patch (i hope it's in good format)

> We're close, great work.
> Regards,
> Steve



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